Test Page

OPTION 1: Simple Posts In Page

This is a simple way to display a blog/news posting. It just takes the most recent posting you've made and displays it on the page. If you want more postings displayed, they sit on top of each other. There are advanced option for displaying their images, but it would require a couple hours of digging into the code on my part.

[ic_add_posts showposts='1' paginate='yes' label_next='Next' label_previous='Previous']

OPTION 2: Responsive Post Carousel

This option displays the most recent posts with its featured image at full width. It displays them as static boxes on the page. I'm not sure what they look like if you have a ton more but you can set a limit for what gets displayed in the feed.

[recent_post_carousel ]

OPTION 3: Responsive Post Slider

A gallery-style full-width slider post display. This is probably the display option that you're envisioning based on my recollection of our last Zoom meeting. It has a few different display modes, two of which I think would work well.

[recent_post_slider limit="2" design="design-2" show_author="false"]