The Jeffs work with musicians and businesses, helping manage, coach, brand, market, promote, license, and increase visibility and market reach. We assess the needs of an artist or business and determine where our expertise can help, set reasonable and transparent goals, work really hard and have a lot of fun.

Our Principles

  1. We work with talented Musicians and innovative companies
  2. We support, help shape and protect our clients artistic and business vision
  3. We work to get our clients the best possible results

Our Services

  • Career Planning and Coaching Strategize, facilitate and assist with career planning, business management, budgeting and finance
  • Recording Negotiate, facilitate and manage new recording production activities
  • Distribution Planning, production and facilitate distribution of digital and physical recording releases
  • Streaming & Radio Promotion Strategize and coordinate streaming and radio play.  Vet and manage radio promotion partners   
  • Promotion & Marketing Consult and coordinate branding, marketing and PR efforts, including vetting and managing potential marketing, PR and Social Media partners 
  • Licensing and Publishing Coordinate songwriting collaborations, administrate and solicit publishing resources and relationships, solicit licensing opportunities and licensing agents relationships 
  • Live Performance Solicit, negotiate and manage live performance opportunities, booking agent relationships as well as grants, residencies and sponsorships
  • Record Company Relations Solicit and manage existing and potential Record Company partners