Jeff Heiman

1955 - 2023

Jeff Heiman

He loved music, musicians, and many people who knew him as their friend

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The opportunities and challenges for your journey toward building and sustaining a career in music have never been greater.  Whether you are an established musical artist or are working to build a career as a working musician, you are in the driver's seat, like it or not. Being aware of and effectively utilizing the myriad of industry services and organizations below, is necessary for success and will help you steer the twists and turns toward maximizing your potential reach and income.

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2 Jeffs will help you establish or clarify your music career road map, guide and connect you to the useful shortcuts along the way and help you determine the best places to spend your time and resources, while not getting sidetracked.

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What Our Clients Say About The 2 Jeffs

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Karla Bonoff Grammy-Winning Singer-Songwriter

The 2 Jeffs worked with me to build on my career success.  They advised, helped me realize, and promote 2 albums and a songbook, expanding my industry visibility and audience reach.  I very much appreciate their knowledge, trust, and diligence.

Scott Giampino Head Talent Booker, The Triple Door, Seattle
We’ve worked with the 2 Jeff for years in Seattle and always look forward to it! With their history in the music business, their knowledge is invaluable. They’re organized, effective, and keep things fun and light-hearted – which goes a long way in our book in this wildcat business. 
Pat Hazell Comedy Writer, Podcaster, Sweetwood Creative, Austin

The Two Jeffs were “instrumental” in securing music rights for several cuts from different studios and artists on a tight deadline for a major corporate Livestream broadcast.  Their knowledge and connections made a world of difference to the success of our production. One Jeff is not enough and 3 are too many. Stick with these two and you can go the distance on your next project.

Duffy Bishop & Chris Carlson Legendary Blues Hall of Fame Musician

The 2  Jeffs are as passionate about the music as they are about the music business. For those of us who need help in the latter, that is golden

Chris Porter Head Talent Booker, Strictly Hardly Bluegrass Festival & Sweetwater Music Hall
The 2 Jeffs go out of their way to be extra helpful in any project they work on.  It’s always a great pleasure to work with them and I am most pleased with the results.  Few have more experience and consideration than these guys have.
Bryan Cohen Songwriter, Guitarist -The Jaws of Brooklyn

I have been working with the Jeffs for several years over several projects. Those two dudes know how to get s**t done! Lucky to have them in my corner. 

Jeffrey Scott Manager, Lake 22
2 Jeff's were instrumental in taking a young unknown band to the next level.  With their help, Lake 22 rebranded and streamed performances during the pandemic.  Moreover, the 2 Jeffs were successful in promoting Lake 22's second album which charted at college radio in 2021.  Big thanks to both Jeffs!"
Tobias the Owl Singer-Songwriter

A lot of incredible gigs and wonderful opportunities were opened up to our band exclusively becasue of The Jeffs hard work and relationships

Julia Massey Songwriter, Lead Singer, Warren Dunes, Seattle

We met so many wonderful people in the industry through the Jeffs.