Recording & Distribution

A Good Release
Laying out

A Good Release
Laying out the strategy for the release of a new album, EP or single, from picking singles, to marketing, promotion, PR and setting up distribution involves a lot of moving parts. 2 Jeffs can pull it all together and handle your recording release including budgeting, timing, focus, setting realistic goals and provide perspective on what is doable.

Music Licensing 101

What are you licensing and music placement options? 2 Jeffs can help you better understand the licensing game. How do you evaluate a reputable licensing agent and get them to work hare for you? What are the keys to submitting to online services. Get help uploading, monitoring and administering your songs. Have your music submitted to foreground music & video companies like PlayNetwork (Starbucks), Mood Music, ScreenPlay and other services.

License To Thrill

Get an introduction to an experienced and successful licensing agent. 2 Jeffs will set up an introductory meeting. If your music is selected a deal will be offered and 2 Jeffs will participate in future management of the relationship and placements.