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Press & Play

Go on the road with 2 Jeffs handling your tour outreach and press. We follow the markets, invite tastemakers, introduce you to industry players, look for print, radio and TV interviews, and calendar listings as well as set up, in-store appearances, partnerships, contests, and help advance the tour date to help get people in seats.

Bio Express

Get your best bio to date from 2 Jeffs. We send a series of questions, do a follow-up interview via phone or in-person, write the bio, send it to you for final approval and tweak until it is right.

Sight & Sound

Create a high quality, engaging 3-4 minute video that feels like a magazine story, combining interview footage, live performance, smart edits and great sound for use on all your social media, website, Vimeo, YouTube, and other sources like SonicBids.