Coaching & Mentoring

Music Therapy
2 Jeffs meets

Music Therapy
2 Jeffs meets with musicians to learn about your music, how everyone relates to one another, identify communication issues and possible sticking points. We attend a show or two and observe the stage dynamics. We then suggest processes and actions that will help you and your fellow musicians work with more confidence, better together and engage with the audience on a more effective level for improved results creatively and financially.
Group Therapy
Instead of individual musicians and bands, 2 Jeffs will work with a group (musicians, music business types and those interested) to provide education, information and inspiration. We will give you the inside scoop and answer your questions about the music industry and business. You will learn from 2 Jeffs and we will learn from each other’s experiences. Tell us what topics you want to discuss and the amount of time for the group session and we will do the rest.