Artist Management

Mind Your Own Business


Mind Your Own Business

If you want to make a living from music than you have to operate as a business. 2 Jeffs will help you set up and/or refine your business for success, including, business structure, publishing, copyright and PRO’s, legal requirements and contracts, tax incentives, merchandize creation, production and sales, budgeting, division of labor, business services, banking and more.

Book It!

How to book a tour, how to find a booking agent, advancing a date, how to negotiate a fee, what is fair, when to ask for a guarantee and how much is reasonable, how to talk to a club owner or the show booker, how to stay focused and not get discouraged, what kind of presentation do bookers want to see and more. 2 Jeffs shows you its not rocket science.


Fearless Networking

Who you know matters in the music business and fearless networking mean you have to learn how to perform. 2 Jeffs will show you how to be a better networker, from organizations to join, how to approach people you don’t know, how to mingle, how to follow-up, musician resources to be following, and utilizing LinkedIn, Facebook and other Social Media for building business relationships. We even create role-playing situations to help artists feel more comfortable in business and social situations.